Monday, June 20, 2011

Health & Happiness

When I was young my grandmother Kelley used to say a prayer before every meal that would only ask for two things, "health and happiness" for her family.
When I used to ask her what she wanted for Christmas she would say "health and happiness".
As a child and young girl I always thought this was a stupid answer and did not understand how she couldn't actually want something.
I had NO IDEA how important her wishes were.

I did not realize that she struggled to find her own happiness all throughout her life. She was very likely depressed for decades. She found solace in "inappropriate" places but happiness was all she was looking for.
Years later she would live through losing her husband to Alzheimers disease and then not long after that she developed it herself. 
Suddenly wishing for health and happiness made perfect sense.
Without those two things we have nothing.

My Wish
My wish for you is to find happiness
In the blooming of a new flower
On the blossom of a tree
In the sound of laughter
Hopefully your laughter.

I also wish for you to find health
In the strong and even beat of your heart
Within the air that offers you life
On your two legs that carry you
Hopefully carry you towards happiness.

Health and happiness are all I wish for you but they are a huge wishes that will last you a lifetime.
I hope you hold them dear when you have it and never give up on finding them when you don't.

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  1. If only we could appreciate the wisdom of our elders sooner... It seems we have to age ourselves to see it clearly. Health and Happiness is a beautiful wish to wish! :)))))