Saturday, July 24, 2010

Living Life 80-20

In my younger years, I was always devastated every time I made a mistake or messed something up. It always felt like the world was going to crash in around me. Then I had a really rough patch in my life and had to learn to be kinder to myself. I decided that I would start living my life 80-20 and it is certainly a much easier way to live.

This is what it means...

80% of the time you try to get things right. Arrive on time, stay healthy, fulfill commitments, have fun with your children, be sweet to your husband, handle stress with dignity, eat properly, give the pets fresh water, get the housework done, get enough rest, have a great day at work, remember someone's birthday, speak kindly to those around you and all the other million things that we do well each week.

20% of the time you accept that you are going to get things wrong. Arrive late, eat junk food, forget to give the pets fresh water, break a promise, get mad at your children, say something nasty to your husband, let stress overwhelm you, leave the house a mess so you can sit on the computer, stay up too late, have a crappy day at work, forget someone's birthday, say something unkind about someone and all the other million things that we mess up on in a week.

The biggest part of this way of living is that you have to accept that we are all human and we can all learn to be kinder to ourselves. We are all good and bad, smart and stupid, happy and sad, organized and disorganized, prompt and tardy... and it is okay!
Do well 80% of the time and forgive yourself for the 20% that you are not.
Nobody's Perfect!


  1. We talked about being kind to ourselves and all but this post is a real "breakthrough" - you are right, we should accept the fact that we can't be a 100% all the time and that we should love and forgive ourselves for when we are not.

  2. Thank you so much Sandra. It means the world to me.

  3. This was very interesting, and everyone will learn a lot about themselves following this advice. I love the pic of the iceberg btw. I really cannot believe you get them so close like that!

  4. I must say I REALLY like this theory... as TRYING to be a perfect daughter, wife, pet mother, coworker, fried and citizen is NOT working for me... at least it hasn't yet. Perhaps if I can adopt your outlook,and give myself some margin for error (guilt free?)then I can be that better person? Excellent post!!!! :)